Sunday, May 28, 2006

exercises in people's life

Purpose of the survey

This report present the results of a survey on the place that exercises take in the people’s life. The target of the survey was to know how active are the people and if they are not, why. A other objective of the survey was to find what people do of their free time.


A sample of 39 persons answered the survey questions from an internet address, which was The survey was made of 10 multiple choice questions about their lifestyle. The people who responded came from different places and had different ages but most of our respondents (53.8%) were between 18 and 21 years old.


Age of the respond
18 or less 20.5%
Between 18 and 25 53.8%
Between 25 and 40 7.7%
Between 40 and 60 15.4%
60 and more 2.6%

Exercise is important
Very important 38.5%
Moderately 53.8%
Not at all 7.7%

Are in shape
Yes 57.9%
No 13.2%
A little overweight 28.9%
Prefer exercise or watching tv
exercise 65.8%
Tv 34.2%

time spend for exercising per week

1hour and less 20.5%
between 1 and 2 12.8%
between 2 and 4 38.5%
4 and more 28.2%

reasons why they don’t practice sports

Lack of time 88%
No interest 4%
Other 6%

Time spend for watching tv per day
1 hour and less 51.3%
between 1 an 2 23.1%
Between 2 and 3 12.8%
Between 3 and 5 10.3%
5 and more 2.6%

84.6% of respond are doing more exercises in summer than in winter

only 8.8% of respond practice sports alone and 76.47% are doing it whit friends are family and 14.7% are practicing sports with girlfriend or boyfriend


The results demonstrate that the great majority of people love to do exercises and find it important. A majority of respondents said that they prefer exercising than watching television but they spend more time watching television than exercising and no body find time for practicing sports! In general the respondents prefer to do sports with friends and that may be a factor of why people don’t find the time, because they wait for their friends to do sport with. Personally, I think that the most of the respondents in studies, because of their age, and have a lot of work to achieve, so they might be tired when they get home and have less energy and less time for exercising so they have a tendency to watch television. I also think that the results are not very precise, because there are not enough respondents to get a clear idea, an to add to this, they are not coming from the same place and we don’t know where. These people don’t have the same culture and influences.

Time spent exercising per week Time spent watching television per week


The survey confirms that the people wants to do more exercises but they are missing time. But do they take the time to do it? That is an other question. I was surprised to see how many people wants to do more exercises. The aging of the respondents was not proportional and they were coming from different places so it was hard to target a particular group of age and place to know more precisely which age are doing more exercise or were they do more sports. So this report was very general but can still give an idea on the people’s habit. In the survey we had some questions that were not useful at all like (what do you do first after school or working when you come back home.) They were not helpful to the results because it’s not because you don’t exercise or listen to tv when you come back from your dally activities that you won’t exercise later.
Finally, we can see that people want to do more exercises and find it important in their life. That is a very good thing. I think that it’s going in the good way, at least, I hope so.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Survey on Exercise in People's Life

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

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